We work with injured and disabled seabirds to

rectify their misadventures with mankind.




Oiled Wildlife
Response Training


Save Our Seabirds is known as one of the region's only oiled wildlife response organizations for wildlife. Click for more.


Save Our Seabirds, a 501c-3, not for profit organization, is hoping to move our operations to the old Pelican Man facilities in Sarasota, Florida. SOS a highly respected bird rescue group with statewide recognition.

A proposal and presentation have been made to the city for review, and now SOS needs your help! We are requesting pledges to help us reopen the rehabilitation center.

Click here for more.


SOS Fundraiser

Join us at our first annual Night of Flight fundraising event. Help save more injured seabirds by supporting our move to Sarasota's old Pelican man facilities.



Full-Time Mom

It takes more than pure dedication to keep Save our Seabirds running.
Find out more about what is needed, and how you can help.




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